A Quote by Johnny Carson


"Never continue in a job you don't enjoy. 

If you're happy in what you're doing, you'll like yourself, 

you'll have inner peace.  And if you have that, 

along with physical health,  you will have had more success

 than you could possibly have imagined."


Johnny Carson

Talk Show Host and Entertainer


Note from Pamy We recently said good-bye to a great 

entertainer.  There is a lot to be said for Johnny's quote 

because it is a wonderful thing to have a job that you enjoy.  

However, many people go through life working at things that 

feed the family but not necessarily what they love to do.    

Johnny happened to be one of the fortunate people who seemed to 

love his work and he was very good at it too.  

Yet, inner peace is never found in a job.  

It is good to have a job that you love but I have never heard of anyone on 

their deathbed saying, "I wish I'd spent more time at the office" 

I always find myself wondering about people like Johnny  and 

if they knew the Lord.  If, perhaps, they found true inner peace 

before they died.  I hope so because I'd like to think that

 perhaps the gates of heaven would open 

and St. Peter would say,

 "Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny!"