Dear Daddy



Pamela Perry Blaine

© September  2005



This is an actual letter written by a very small boy, with more than a little

 help from his Momma, during wartime.  It was written in 1944,

during WWII, but I am sure it could have been written today with

very little change.  I would like to dedicate this letter to my brother, Jerry,

aka Jerry Boy, who has a birthday this month.  I would also like to

dedicate it to all the men and women in our military who serve

our country and to their families who wait and pray for their

safe return home.  Thank you for giving up so much to help

protect us and keep us all free.



            Dear Daddy,


This is my new rocky horse.  It is a red, green, and white horse. 

I think it is fine.  I like to make him go.  I can sing “bye-bye” and

just go a flying.  Momma sits me on him and I ride.  He is not a

brand new horse… it is an old toy that Barton gave me and I

like it.  Momma’s going to paint him up and he will be like new! 

Wouldn’t you like to see me ride?  I’d like to ride out to see you

sometime Daddy but Momma says you are

too far away across the big waters.


You know, Daddy, I can walk.  I can’t wait to show you!  I go fine

until I discover Momma has let loose then I get scared, so I sit

down or grab something.  It’s a funny feeling to go alone so I just can’t

trust myself yet.  If I’ve just got Momma’s finger, I’ll go any place.


Momma took me out to see the black birds fly.  They flew and I

never did see them come to the end.  The big trees were black with them. 

I can say, “bird” too.


Yes, and I fixed things today!  I jerked the middle dresser drawer out

and spilled all of Momma’s stuff.  It scared Momma so bad that she

let out a yell and scared the wits out of me.  I thought it was fun. 

I got red stuff all over me…something called rouge.  It wouldn’t

come off and I sure hated for Momma to wash me.


It’s pretty lonesome around here; just me and

Momma…wish you could come home.


Oh yes, Grandma has gotten me a nice big wheel barrow

 for Christmas.  I’m not supposed to know it but I heard her tell Momma.

 I wish you could be here for Christmas.


Momma about looks her eyes out for a letter from you

everyday.  I think she misses you too.


I was real sick for a while and it scared Momma.  She holds me

real tight sometimes cause she’s afraid something will happen to me.  

I’m feeling lots better now and Momma says I got my color back. 

I felt pretty tough for a while and lost all the color in my cheeks.


Oh Daddy, I saw the most big bombers today!  There was a loud noise

 and Momma put a blanket over me and we ran on the front porch. 

I looked and they were everywhere.  They said “Woooooooo”. 

Momma counted 50 of them.  That’s a big lot isn’t it Daddy?  When

I hear airplanes, I tell Momma they say, “Woooooooo”.  I like to see them.


Tonight I was riding my horse.  Lone Ranger was riding too. 

I went as fast as he did and said, “Clop Clop” like his horse’s feet

do on the radio.  We sure did go fast.


We sure miss you and I’d have lots of fun if you were home. 

Momma gets tired and I think you are big and we could romp and

you wouldn’t get tired.  She can’t play your guitar either. 


Sometimes I have a hard time thinking up something to do when

 Momma is busy and she usually makes me stop when I do find

good fun.  I like to pull those wire things but she gets all over me

and says I can’t touch them.  I like the telephone but she won’t

let me talk.  I like the radio and good fast music.  I can dance too. 

I like for Momma to dance with me.  If she stops, I jump for more!


Did you like my pictures Momma sent you?  I’m bigger now too. 

I wore my snowsuit I got last year.  It fits nice now.  Momma is making me a

heavy one to wear in the buggy.  I’ll get to ride again if it doesn’t rain all the time. 


Well, I guess I don’t know anymore to write for now.


I know where you are, Daddy.  I try to kiss you and pat you but Momma

won’t let me take you down off the wall.  I ask her to hold me up so

I can see you good.   We both pat you and kiss you lots of times. 


Daddy, write to us and come home soon.  I’m getting tired of

aking care of Momma; you can take over any time now.


I’ll be seeing you, Daddy, Momma says you will come when the war is over. 

Momma and I say our prayers every night that God will bring you home safe.


Lots of love and all my hugs and kisses except for what Momma gets,


Your son,


Jerry Boy




Pamela Perry Blaine

© September  2005