“Teddy Came For Christmas”



Pamela Perry Blaine



It was a cold day in early December in 1916, when Momma took five year

old Midge along to the general store with her.  The wind was blustery as it

often was in the little town of May, Oklahoma, and it whipped at Midge’s woolen

scarf as if it were trying to snatch it away although Momma had

tied it securely beneath her chin.


“We’ll get your Grandpa the nails he needs and then when we get home you

 can help me fix supper.”  Momma explained as she opened the door

of the store causing a bell to jingle, announcing their entrance. 


Midge loved to go to the store with Momma because then she had a

chance to look at all the pretty things while Momma got her list of

needed supplies.  There were rows of pretty shiny ribbons, materials,

and buttons on one side of the store and on the other side there was

food that came in cans instead of jars like Momma and Grandma had at home. 


Midge was looking at the ribbons when something soft brushed against

her hand.  She turned to look and her blue eyes met the pretty

soft brown eyes of a stuffed bear.  She controlled the urge to pick

up the bear because she knew she wasn’t to touch anything or ask for

things in the store because “the things in the store belong

to Mr. Bailey”, Momma had explained. 


Just about that time Mrs. Bailey came around the corner and said, “Hello Midge,

 how are you today?  I see you have met Teddy,” she said as she picked

up the bear.  “Would you like to hold him?” Mrs. Bailey offered. 

Midge wasn’t sure what to do but she supposed it was all right since it

was Mrs. Bailey who made the offer.  Midge took the bear and held him

 gently against her. Meanwhile, Mrs. Bailey was asked a question from

another customer so Midge continued to hold the bear and then she

whispered in his ear,  “Hello Teddy,” and it was love at first sight.


Momma walked over about that time and said, “It’s time to go Midge.” 

Momma bent and spoke softly to Midge, “Thank Mrs. Bailey for

letting you hold the bear.”


“Thank you, Mrs. Bailey,” Midge said as she slowly handed back the bear.

Midge wanted so badly to ask Momma for the bear but she knew there

was no money for such luxuries.  Besides that, she knew she would

 be scolded for asking and maybe not allowed to come back to the

store with Momma the next time…and just maybe, she reasoned, she

could come back and visit Teddy.  Midge tried very hard but as her

eyes met Teddy’s one last time, she couldn’t help it, big tears welled

up in her eyes.  She thought sure she would be scolded but Momma

was suddenly very quiet herself so Midge thought Momma

hadn’t noticed her tears.


Midge did get to help with supper that night and other nights as well but

her mind often went back to Teddy, the most wonderful friend she

had ever met, she thought to herself.


Midge was so busy the next few days that she didn’t have time to think

about Teddy so much.  There were preparations to be made because

 it was almost time for Christmas and her cousins would be there. 

Midge was so excited because she knew they would all get to go

to the woods with Grandpa and choose a Christmas tree and then

string popcorn to decorate the tree. 


On Christmas Eve Midge always hung up her stocking and last year she

 and her cousins each got a big round orange in each of their stockings. 

It had been the first time Midge had ever eaten an orange and she had

 eaten it ever so slowly, savoring every bite.  She hoped that Santa

might bring her another one this year.


Before she knew it, Christmas Eve came and that evening Midge and her

cousins sat by the firelight as Grandpa read the Christmas story from

the Bible.  Midge liked the part when Grandpa’s voice rose with

excitement with the angel’s announcement, “Behold, I bring you good

tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.”


Midge left a piece of her gingerbread for Santa along with a huge

glass of milk.  There was always plenty of milk because of

Brownie their milk cow.


All too soon it was time for bed and Momma came and tucked Midge

and her cousins in bed.  There weren’t enough beds for everyone so

Midge had to sleep across the foot of the bed when her cousins were

there.  It was cold in the bedroom but there were lots of Grandma’s quilts

to keep them warm.  Midge had decided she would stay awake all night

and listen for Santa but the next thing Midge knew she saw the glow

of the sunrise coming through the window.  Midge was going to get out of bed

 and see if an orange might be in her stocking again this year but she couldn’t

seem to move.  Along with the heavy quilts, there was someone lying against

 her back and she began to try to wiggle away from whichever cousin had

managed to push her out of her place on the bed.  Finally, she was able to

turn over and before she knew what she was doing, Midge let out a squeal

of delight, for right there looking her straight in the eye was Teddy himself!


Midge drew Teddy into her arms and ran off barefoot into the kitchen

where Momma was making biscuits.  She threw herself into her

 Momma’s arms as she exclaimed,  “Look Momma, Look! 

Teddy came for Christmas!!!”


(Teddy Came For Christmas is based on a true story told to me by my

 mother about her own childhood and how she first met Teddy.)



Pamela Perry Blaine