The Little Girl Who Had Everything


(An allegory – A children’s story for all of us)


Pamela Perry Blaine

© October 2005


Once upon a time in the land of Plenty, which was in the state of Abundance,

lived a little girl who had more than just a few things…more than several

 things….and even more than numerous things.  Yes, she had loads of

this and a plethora of that.  In fact, she had everything. 


The little girl’s parents treasured all of their family.  She and her family

had very little money yet they had everything. The little girl had many, many gifts

 that had been given to her.  She had so much that we cannot list it

because it’s difficult to write down everything.


There were some children who didn’t have everything and they would

pass by the little girl’s house and say, “There lives the little girl who

 has everything.”  These children would pass by with longing in their eyes

and wondered what it would be like to have everything because

they didn’t have everything.  It was very sad because they really had

nothing because they didn’t have everything. 


The little girl had grown so accustomed to having everything that she took

everything for granted.  It wasn’t long until she had forgotten the

meaning of everything.


The little girl thought she wanted to be like those children who had

nothing so she began to stuff everything into closets.  She tried to put

everything away but it never seemed to work out very well.  She tried to

hide everything underneath her bed and anywhere that she could

shove everything. Everything was everywhere in her home and she

couldn’t seem to keep everything in boxes or closets. 

What was she to do with everything?


The little girl asked her mother, “Mother, would you like to have

everything?” but her mother replied that she already had everything. 


Next, the little girl went to her brother and asked him if he she could

give everything to him.  Her brother exclaimed, “Yuck!  What are you trying

to give me, girl stuff?  I don’t want any old girl stuff!”


“Oh no”, said the little girl.  It’s not girl stuff... it’s everything. 


“Oh, …Everything?” he said quietly, “I already have everything.”


The little girl thought about asking her baby sister about everything

because her baby sister’s eyes seemed to see everything but she

couldn’t talk yet so she thought it wouldn’t do her much good to ask.


The little girl went to everyone she knew and asked them about everything

and what to do.  Everyone else seemed to either already have everything

or they didn’t understand about everything.  Many were curious and thought

that the little girl was very fortunate to have everything.  Some even asked

how she got everything and how they could get everything too, but the

 little girl had ignored everything for so long that she couldn’t

even tell them about everything. 


The little girl was sad because she didn’t know what to do about everything.

 The little girl searched and searched for the answer.


Finally, the little girl went to her Father and said, “Father, could

 you tell me about everything?” 


Her Father smiled as he put his arm around the little girl and said,

“I’m glad you finally came to me with your problem.  I’ve been waiting for

 you to come and talk with me.  Do you remember that I am the one

who gave you everything?


The little girl nodded and said, “I guess I had forgotten that everything

 came from you, Father.”


“Yes, I have given you many gifts and but most of all I gave you

everything and now you can share everything with those who have

nothing.  If you accept everything that I have given you, then you will

always have everything.  Remember when I showed you the most

excellent way?*  It’s all in my book that I gave you”, her Father said.


“Oh my, the Book!” the little girl exclaimed.  “How could I have

forgotten?” she asked herself as she went to look for it.


The little girl went back to her room and looked all over before she found

the book that her Father had given her.  She found everything right there

in the book.  Her eyes had just not been focused on everything until now.


She hugged the book to her and then began to read the book that she

 had long forgotten.  She had been so busy that she had failed to remember

 about the book.  It was a book of teachings about everything!  Now she

 would know what to do about everything.  The little girl was very excited!


As the little girl began to read, she saw where the book said to be thankful

 for everything.  She remembered that she was supposed to share

 everything with those who had nothing.  From that day on

the little girl began to share everything. 


The book her Father had given her explained everything. The little girl was

not perfect because she didn’t live in the land of Perfect but one day she

knew that she would go to live there and everything would be there. 

Meanwhile, the little girl spent much of her time telling the other children

who had nothing all about everything.   She took them by the hand and

introduced them to her Father who loves all children and

 she told them how they could have everything.


“…and the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13




Pamela Perry Blaine

© October 2005