"God Moments"
Although God exists in every moment
of our lives, there are those special times
when we recognize Him in an awesome way.
We see Him from a higher perspective.
I call these happenings, "God Moments."
You feel like a speck of dust in the universe.
It seems such a mystery to exist, to be sentient, at all.
Why am I here ...and what does it mean that I am?
I think it must be the closest thing to an
out of body experience and still be in the body.
It happens in a moment and you wish to
stay there so you can ponder the joy of it,
yet it is there and gone.

The first time I ever knew that this
happened to anyone else was when I was
reading C.S. Lewis.  He called this
experience, "surprised by joy".
He had been an atheist for many years but
this was the one thing that he could not explain
away...this being surprised by joy...the
"knowing" inside that says there is something
bigger than me in the universe
and it is overwhelming and awesome!
He described it happening to him once when
his brother held before him a handful of
mossy earth from the garden and suddenly
he was overpowered by the moment.
It is strange that it often happens in a most
commonplace setting.  It happens with  no
drum rolls,  bells,  or whistles but just a
moment of deep perception.
In my experience it is usually,
but not always, in quietness.  I believe it is
something of what the Bible describes
in Romans 1: 19-20 and Acts 17: 24-28.
“He (God) is not far from each one of us.”

The first time it happened to me I was
about 4 years old.  I was looking at my arm
and I asked my mother as I felt my
own skin with my hand, "If something happens
to this (my flesh), can I get more?
(I remember being a little frightened with
the answer I received).  The next time it happened
I was about 6 and I was in the bedroom at night.
The only light was from a dim lamp on the nightstand.
I had the same sort of experience, yet different.
I believe I was, for the first time, really noticing
everything in 3-D in the dimly lit room
with light and shadow performing.  Again, I was
surprised by the moment and the feeling
of awe and wonder occurred.  I believe,
as a child, these were the first moments that
I recognized God revealing Himself to me.
Other "moments"  have happened to me as an adult,
especially when my first child was born,
when it seemed that the world should stop
moving and take notice of the miracle of
the baby in my arms.
These moments might occur more for us
if we took the time to see them,
yet I know that  they are surely not meant
to become so commonplace as to lose
this great significance in my life.
God is awesome!
"When something wonderful occurs,
I long to make it happen
again and again,
Yet there are some things that are only
meant to happen on occasion
For the moment itself would lose
it's meaning, it's value, ...it's uniqueness.
Nothing repeats itself in exactly
the same way twice.
It is good to simply treasure the joy
in divine moments as they come."

”I desire to hold onto the beauty
of the moment,
As it is within me
so enormously unique.
I gaze upon the beauty of the lilies
but then they fade and wilt away.
I want to bring them back!
But it is no good to dig up bulbs,
to try to hold them to my heart...
where I clutch them too tight.
For if I leave the bulbs there
beneath the earth
where they are destined to be,
new lilies will appear yet again…
when their time is come.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© February 2001

"Behold, I will do a new thing..."
Isaiah 43:19