My little 3 year old friend, Mariah, and her family
can usually be found in church on a Sunday morning,
about 5 rows back from the front, and
I can always see her from where I sit at the piano.

Mariah's mother had been working with her children
and teaching Mariah about God and why
the family goes to church.  She had explained to Mariah
that we go to church because it is God's
house and we go to see God and to learn about Him.

This particular Sunday I watched as I saw Mariah
wave at the pastor as he walked up to the front to pray.
 Our pastor, who loves little children,
smiled and waved right back to Mariah.

Later, Mariah came up to her Mother all excited
and exclaimed,
 "Mommy",  "Today God waved at me!"

By Pamela R. Blaine
c August 24, 2000

** By the way, did you see God wave at you today?**

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