Have You Seen John Mokut?

I've been looking for John Mokut for many years now
and I've looked everywhere  but he always seems to evade me.
If you see him, will you let me know?  You see, he is
my son's friend but I have never met him.

It all started when my son, Jeremy, was about 5 years old.
It seems he had run into John Mokut and I was having
a terrible time trying to figure out what Jeremy was talking about.
Jeremy had a great vocabulary but I began to wonder if he
was mispronouncing John Mokut's name since I couldn't
remember having met this man.

I questioned Jeremy as to the identity of John Mokut
and where he had met him.  I went through names of all of our friends
and acquaintances that had any kind of similar name
to see if my son was confused on the name.  We had a friend
named Don but the last name didn't sound anything like Mokut.
Maybe it was Mr. John at church, but then again
the sound of the last name didn't fit.  Overtime I would
suggest a name to Jeremy, he would shake his head "no".

Well, time went on and nothing was said for awhile.
Then one day Jeremy started talking about John Mokut again.
Being the  protective mother that I am, I decided I was
going to get to the bottom of this once and for all.
I took Jeremy aside and said, "Honey",
"Tell me all about John Mokut."   Thus, his description:

It began something like this:  "Mommy",
"John Mokut is really, really big and tall.
He wears army clothes." (this is how Jeremy referred to camouflage).
My mind was racing at this point.  How could he have met
this man, was it someone at his little friend Danny's house?
Is there a kidnapper in the area.....what?  I began to question further,
"Jeremy", "Do you know where John Mokut lives?"
Jeremy responded, "Of course, Mommy."
"John Mokut lives in the shed."  Well, right here, things began
to become clear. What else, JeremyPie?" (my nickname for him).
Jeremy responded, "John Mokut always carries a gun,
he never takes a bath, doesn't have to go to bed
or brush his teeth, he never goes to  church .......
and he can drive a bullbozer!" (that's how he pronounced bulldozer)

Now you will understand why I am looking for John Mokut.
I want to thank him for being such a good friend to my little boy.
You see, a little boy who has two older sisters who
make him play house and be "the Daddy" or
keep dressing him up like a girl,  needs a friend like John Mokut!
 Yes, with two older sisters around, you kind of need to pack a gun....
even if the only gun you have is a water pistol.

Remember to let me know if you run into our friend, John Mokut.
I hear he bathes regularly and never misses church these days.

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright, June 20, 2000

"Blessed indeed is the man who hears
many gentle voices call him father!"
           M. Child
"There are many ways to measure success;
not the least of which is the way your child describes you
when talking to a friend."

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