A Prayer

I said a prayer
For you today
That God would keep you
In His way.

I prayed His Presence
Over you,
In everything
You say or do.

I asked the Lord
To hold you close
Just for me.

“O Lord please bless
my special friend
with joy and peace
that has no end.”

Pamela R. Blaine
© October, 2000

(To my friend who had a miscarriage)

I knew you were there
If just for awhile
Bringing joy to my heart
You made me smile

Too soon you left
And went away
To a place where we'll meet
Again one day

God's angels now hold you
In heaven's care,
Where the first breath you took
Was celestial air.

I'll not mourn
But I'll remember you,
Forever in my heart…
Precious Andrew

Pamela R. Blaine
(c) October 2000

(Graduation 2001)

The first time I met you
You were just four,
You climbed in my car
When I opened the door.

You sat down beside me
And talked of your day,
Of kitties and puppies
And sisters at play.

I watched you grow
The fourth one of six,
A middle child
And a wonderful mix.

Such fun and laughter
Yet serious too,
You always came up
With something new.

The little ones watched
 All you would do,
And wanted to be
Just like you.

I  was your teacher
In Sunday School
When you told the kids
That praying was cool.

Your talent is great
In drama and such,
As you imitate Elvis
“Thank you, very much”

The time has flown
Since we first met
But there is one thing
Please don’t forget:

You are so loved
The best is to be,
Stay close to God
My sweet Bethany.

Pamela R. Blaine
 (Alias….Miss Pam)
May 2001


Believing in you and you in me
Sustained my heart,
Giving new energy to life.
How could I have known
That you came to me only
In your own need and then later,
In your convenience
Or in guilt as one would
Pity an animal left out in the cold
 on a winter’s night

It seemed such a small thing
To desire a friend, a confidant, authentic love,
And you were all and more
In your acceptance and delight in me.

Lonely, hurting hearts you leave behind
Wherever you go.
Mine will heal, but those will not
To whom someday
you will desire their love, more than life,
only to reap bitterness there
where it was sown…
….by you.

Pamela R. Blaine
© January 2001

Beyond The Glass

If I could glimpse beyond the glass,
Within your world to see…
I would place there all the things
That you have given me.

I would give you laughter
To last through all the years
None could steal your smile away
Nor fill your eyes with tears.

I would give you love
To last beyond all time,
Love is never far away
For always, you have mine.

I only hope someday to reach
beyond the glass before
and when I see you face to face
I'll love you even more.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© April 2001

"For now we see through a glass, darkly;
but then face to face: now I know in part;
but then shall I know even as also I am known."
1Cor. 13:12


“Children of Promise”
(To Jordan and Jonathan)

Together you were
In love conceived,
Two precious lives
Because she believed.

The promise was given
From God above.
For your mother trusted
In God’s endless love.

Children of promise
Two, hidden away
A double blessing
For a summer’s day

Though few understood
The promise of two
Children of promise,
God planned for you.

Something so special
He wants you to be,
I watch in wonder
Of what I will see

I saw your smiles
I watched you grow.
Children of Promise
We love you so!

Pamela R. Blaine
© May, 2001


Dream  Gifts

I looked for a dream
To hold in my mind
In the distance I searched
For a new dream to find

But the dreams I most cherished
In wonder and awe
Were the dream gifts of heaven
I didn’t ask for at all

Gifts came as a whisper
Not summoned by me
And danced in my spirit
Abundant and free!

For there is a secret
I long to impart
Where dream visions gather
To dwell in my heart

A place very sacred
As hearts there do meld
Where music is flowing
And forever is held

I long to walk with you,
Hold strong to your hand
And give you a dream gift
But only God can.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, September 18, 2000


Hand in hand we walk through the vast beauty
of the infinite regions of our glorious forever,
Eden restored, yet completely new.
it has no beginning and has no end.
A place of constant  fulfillment,
yet anticipation, of more to come,
like the first glorious taste of the perfect confection
where each new mouthful is more exquisite than the first.
We reach into the Storehouse of everlasting love,
being immersed in the excitement
of timelessness...
where good forever exists in serpentless garden.
We drink with joy from the River of Life,
poured out from our Father's Hand.
Eternity has not time to count,
yet there will never be enough of eternity
 that we would not long for ...more of Eden.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© June 2001


We play as children, you and I
Though childhood days are past
In innocence we frolic
Pleading love to last

This time between youth and grown,
We do not know the way
Only that we are here
This sultry summer’s day

Your shirt you have discarded
My hair is tumbling down,
We race across the meadow
And fall upon the ground

We fill the air with laughter
Time is just today
Believing that what we have
Will never go away

We talk of dreams and visions
As if they are to be
We think the world around us
Was made for you and me

You rise and chase me through the fields,
I cry in feigned alarm!
You catch me, then you tickle me
And tease me with your charm

Oh, how I remember
That time of  “in between”…
Now take my hand and go with me
And again we’ll be eighteen.

Pamela R. Blaine
© June, 2001

Empty Places

I wander empty places
Looking for even a trace of you.
Just to step where your foot has trod before
or to hold in my hand something that you once held
and caress it to my face and to remember…
...to remember...

Empty places....you left so many ...
the place beside me,
the empty chair,
the silent room.
Your laughter echoes and your footsteps sound
I sit at the table, reach across for you and retrieve my hand...empty.

Lord, fill the empty places I cry!
Yet deep inside I would that they
were empty than to be filled with other than you.

Still, my God heard my cry and quieted my soul within me
as He poured his unfailing love upon me.
I listen and He seems to say,
"I am the God of empty places."
Reminding me
Of another empty place…
"He is not here, He is risen!"

Pamela R. Blaine
January 2001

"I go to prepare a place for you and if I go and prepare a place for you,
 I will come again and receive you unto myself.
That where I am there ye may be also"


Flesh of My Flesh

Bone of my bone
Flesh of my flesh
Woven within me –
Hearts that mesh.

Flesh of my flesh,
Bone of my bone,
Hearts that are aching
Since torn and alone

Pamela R. Blaine
May 14, 1996

Gentleman Don
Birthday Card for Don Scarbrough 2002

If I could say one word about a man named Don
It would be so very hard to only think of one

A word so filled with meaning too short it could not be
It must go on forever throughout eternity

I tried so hard to make a word especially for Don
A word to stay upon the lips and never quite be gone

Would only just begin to to tell you how terrifically stupendous

So I stopped my quest to build a word of great magnificence
To simply say he is my friend makes a lot more sense

My life has been enriched with laughter, love, and song
Since I met a man ... I call him Gentleman Don.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright 2002

He Said Your Eyes Were Blue

He said your eyes were blue
Before he left that day,
How could he have known such things?
Only God could say.

Then just before the midnight
In March of seventy three,
You came into this world
A gift of God to me.

The months before were hard,
“Twas sad you would not know
The man who was your Grandpa
For we all loved him so.

He knew that you were coming
But he left eight days before,
I wonder if he saw you first
When he entered heaven’s door?

You loved your older sister
And everyday was new
Everywhere she went
You would cry, “Me too!”

You learned to talk and sing
But could not say your “R’s”
Though nothing held you back
You twinkled like the stars

You grew and cared for everyone
And loved them, oh so much!
You went to school and learned to be
A nurse with gentle touch.

I wish you could have known him
He loved to dance like you
He was so very right, you know…
He said your eyes were blue.

Pamela R. Blaine (alias Mama Jo)
For Jeanna’s birthday March 19, 2002

Heart Song

Listen, and in the quietness you will hear my love song
Bursting forth from my heart to your very soul,
Defying time and place,
with melodious ecstasy so stirring that words
dare not be spoken for fear of disturbing the song.

I bid you come, come into my verdant garden,
Drink from streams of living water,
And thirst no more.
Taste and be filled with heaven’s delight
and know the mystery of infinite love.
Come where the sweet fragrance of eternity infuses the air,
Be entwined by vines of love
And caressed by tresses of golden sunlight.

Come to me quickly before the time will end!
 Hear my heart singing to your heart,
Listen with senses of spirit
To sounds not perceived by earthly ears.
For in the Song is the secret,
Hidden to blind hearts locked from within.
The gate of mystery opens only
to the one who will unlock the gate
and embrace the Song.

Pamela R. Blaine
© March 2001, all rights reserved

High Above The Rainbow
High above the rainbow
beyond the pot of gold
Is a place where beauty dwells
and no one there grows old
Fragrant celestial flowers
bloom and do not die
And eyes sparkle with joy and laughter
and never, never cry

Pamela R. Blaine
© February  2001

"Hold Me"

Like a little girl needing her Daddy,
I wanted to crawl up on your lap
and put my head against your heart
and be comforted by the warmth and security of your arms,
to feel you stroke my hair and caress my face with your hands
and hear the steady sureness of the beat of your heart.
Just to be allowed to stay there and enjoy the feel of you
and the fragrance of your skin.
To reach up and touch your face
and gently let my fingers travel down you face and neck
as I stroke your arms held tightly against me.
Then to fall asleep in peace and safety,
knowing that you will always be there,
never to leave me or forsake me
nor ever wish me to go away.
In giving me your love, I give you mine.
You seal my name forever
in the book of eternity
that nothing can alter or change.
I look into your face
and whisper ...
"Abba, Father."

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright May, 2001

I Hold Your Soul With Mine

I hold your soul with mine
Yet the clock runs selfishly onward
Thinking of nothing else but incessant ticking
Stay it please, that I might hold you longer!

I know the day is nearly spent.
I cannot hold it though I try,
It takes flight as days before,
Resting in the graveyard of time

My heart is sore with pain and dread
Why did I not come to know you sooner?
The moments with you now, so few,
Will soon vanish in the winds of time

But my hope is not in this world,
In the delight and pleasure thereof,
For one day we will laugh
At our joy of living in shadows and fog

For it is as looking through clouded windows,
Seeing only the sparkle and clamor outside,
Leaving off the things that matter within
I came to know it well…though late.

Yet, I have this precious moment of now
Filled with vibrant life before unknown
And love is all the more sweet,
As I hold your soul with mine.

Pamela R. Blaine
© November, 2002


I Love Winter

I love winter
How about you?
Snow ice cream
And sled rides too!

Icicles hang
from the roof above
We sit by the fire
and dream of love

"Let it Snow, Let it Snow!"
Would be our song,
If only the winter
were two days long!

Pamela R. Blaine
(c) 2001

"I Saw Him"

I saw Him in the sunshine
I saw His sparkles in the dew
I saw His mighty ocean waves
I saw His rainbow too

I heard Him in the thunder
I heard Him in the rain
I heard Him in a whisper
I heard Him call my name

I felt Him in the gentle breeze
I felt His Spirit touch my soul
I felt Him in the tear that fell
I felt Him make me whole

I saw Him in my baby's face
I saw His skies of blue
I saw Him when your eyes met mine
I saw His love in you

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, August 24, 2000


If I Turned,  And you were gone...

If I turned
and you were gone,
A part of me
Would go along.

A part of me
would live in you,
One in soul
yet we are two.

My love for you
forever strong.
If I turned,
And you were gone.

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright October 25, 2000


In Kingdoms and palaces
Are riches untold
But my treasure is not there
Where mortals will grow old.

‘Tis far beyond the universe
My heart desires to soar,
where angels dwell in castle mists
And death will be no more!

I enter through the sacred Door
Where life was granted me
Where blinded eyes are opened
And glory I can see

Where love is everlasting
And with you I will be,
I trade this robe of failing flesh
For immortality.

Pamela R. Blaine
June 24, 2001


In The Midnight

Fear has become my companion
in the midnight of my soul.
Shadows rise up before me,
as if to dare me to walk further.

Questions inhabit my mind
playing fiendish games that
Mix black and white, making
a mist of gray shadows
to envelope my thoughts.

The quick-sand path wants me below
to snatch the breath of existence from me,
Desiring one less soul to defy
the deafening roar of the enemy
who is compelled by evil
to destroy human flesh,
So utterly despised by him

The truth is far from him, this father of lies.
Who for ravenous thrill of power binds the child
with strong chains of torment.
His pride bows before no one
as he dominates those who allow room.

My soul cries out from within me,
Craving the freedom to arise.
Oh, how I yearn to follow the path designed for me
Before I came forth from my Mother's womb

My Redeemer hears my cries and comes to me
As I bid Him enter the sanctuary of my heart.
Slowly the darkness parts before me
As a white vapor rises before moonlight,
My eyes gaze upward perceiving at last
The Promise of old,
For there, straining through the darkness,
In radiant hues of color I behold….
His rainbow in the midnight,
The midnight of my soul.

Pamela R. Blaine
© February  2001

Just This Moment

If I could tell you how I feel
Within my heart so strong,
Forever would not be long enough
To sing my lovely song

But I do have just this moment
To say what I believe
To tell you how I love you
And in giving I receive

Love is more than life
When you hold the words inside
Knowing that your heart is full
And all but love has died

You fear the risk of losing
Love’s sweet joy in you
Eternal love ‘tis best explained
When soul’s no longer two

Pamela R. Blaine
© 2003

Lady Of The Cameo

Lady of the cameo,
What do you keep inside?
A picture of your loved one,
Oh where does he reside?

Has he gone far away
Across the ocean blue?
Does he wear a uniform
Of soldier brave and true?

Lady of the cameo
Were you to be his wife?
Were you waiting for your vows
To love him all your life?

Lady of the cameo
I found you in the lace.
Now I know the reason
The tear is on your face.

Pamela R. Blaine
(c) October 22, 2001


"Little White Cross"

...when you travel you see a lot of little white crosses...

Little White Cross
Along the way
You beckoned my thoughts
As I passed you today.

What was your story?
What was your name?
Who loved you so much
a cross here they claim?

Were you a victim
of alcohol's scorn?
Or sweet, tiny baby
who never was born?

Little white cross
Along the way
A tear fell for you
As I passed you today.

Pamela R. Blaine
November 1, 2000

More Than Friends

Father, I pray
for my friend to know
That You are with him
wherever he may go

Bless him greatly
with grace from above
and shower him with
Your bountiful love,

Hold him so close
that in Your embrace
he will feel my arms too
'til we meet face to face.

And on that day
whether here or there
it matters not
where hearts do share.

Love is eternal
and never ends
stronger than death
and more than friends.

Pamela R. Blaine
© 2003


Mystical Link

In mystical link
Our thoughts combine,
The words you speak
Are yours, yet mine.

Feelings intertwined
Linking hearts of two,
You perceive my thoughts
Before I do.

I sense your feelings
Finding  good or bad?
The one,  I rejoice
The other… sad

A mirror image,
possessing what name?
Are we separate
Or are we the same?

Pamela R. Blaine
©January 2001   

Now I Lay me Down to Sleep

"Now I lay me
Down to sleep.
I pray the Lord
My soul to keep."

This was the prayer
My mother said
And taught to me
Beside my bed

This simple phrase
of words so strong
I pondered them
So very long

If I should die,
before I wake
What have I done
For Jesus' sake?

Have I shared
My Savior's love,
How He came to earth
From Heaven above?

Now as I walk
this earthly sod,
I live to tell
My faith in God.

Now I lay me
Down to Sleep,
I pray the Lord
Your soul to keep!

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright, October 26, 2000


The gentle rain of springtime
thaws winter's frozen ground
The refreshing rain arouses life
To come forth without a sound.

The tulip and the daffodil
splendor veiled beneath the sod,
await the promise of awakening
to behold the face of God.

A hidden clock within the bulb
awaits the perfect cue
to shout with fragrant blossoms
"I am alive and new!"

Oh, but someone placed an ugly stone
above the place to rise!
Then I saw that it had been removed
by the gardener kind and wise.

In my heart I feel the tug
like spring flowers to bloom again
I long to be fresh and pure
and cleansed from every sin
I reach up toward my Creator
this Resurrection Day
Forgiven, I will bloom again
      for the stone is rolled away!

By Pamela R. Blaine
copyright April 2001

Song Of My Heart

Where is the bandage, the balm, the words to sooth my bleeding soul
Loneliness flows from wounds of despair and floods my being with sorrow.
I taste the salt of tears as I lie on my pillow.  Stranded on the island of Silence,
 I feel no pain but the deadness of nothing.
 Oh to feel something, anything at all to fill my emptiness!

Others surround me but there is none to touch my spirit,
none that know the song of my heart.
They smile as they pass and if they speak at all, their words but fall to the ground,
 not reaching my soul.  Who is to know why?
Do the wounds of my soul chase away the words before they arrive,
casting them to the earth?

Since you went away, my soul is in exile, longing for home.
For you were my home… the song of my heart.

Pamela R. Blaine
© July, 2002

Snow Flower

Like a flower blooming in the snow
You came to soon …or too late.
Still, your beauty and fragrance
Fill me with desire to continue
And even in futility…to wait.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© January 2001


Spirit  Bond

More than family,
O Friend of my heart.
 God's surprise!
No distance can part.

I looked for you
In the world where I live,
Vainly searching...
for only God could give.

You were there
In God's family.
He gave me you
And now I see…

Souls embracing,
Emotional flood,
Poured, intertwined
 By Spiritual blood.

There's a bond of the Spirit,
Through the blood of the Lamb,
Love, stronger than death,
In the Great "I AM"!

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright, November, 2000

  Tea Party

You get Mommy's china plates
and bestest silverware.
meet me 'neath the maple tree,
We'll set the table there.

You dress in Grandma's gown
 and I'll wear Auntie's heels,
Don't forget the feather boa
I love the way it feels.

Dahling, I will see you soon
beneath the maple tree
with table set in elegance
Just dolly, you and me

There is no place within God's realm
that I would rather be
Than playing dress up in the yard
And sipping water tea.

Pamela R. Blaine
June, 2001