"The Ache That Cries"

In the depths of my being lies the throbbing, silent ache that cries.
The absence of you creates the pain, the illness of love, that grows inside.
The ache cries for love to hold, to cradle gently in my arms.
At last, you come to me,
 I hold you to my breast where life now thrives.
You come to me and tears flow as I tremble at your gentle touch,
Flesh to flesh for the first time held,
bringing the explosive release of warm liquid love
That flows between souls united.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© May 2001

The Connection

Loving words
flow from your soul
into mine,
Falling like gentle rain
from your fingertips into my eyes
as my spirit drinks
your words of sweet wine.

Our souls touch
'tho words leave not through lips
but move in time and space,
through wire and cable,
desiring to linger,
connecting hearts.

By Pamela R. Blaine
©  January 2001

The Eyes of Your Soul

You memorize my face
as you trace my lips with your fingertips.
Your hands part, moving to the sides of my face
As you caress my hair.
I hear you ask for colors to hold the vision in your mind.
Your windows have no light
Yet beauty is found in the eyes of your soul.
In memory of Uncle Joe who would touch my face when I was a little girl.
He lost his sight in his early 40s
It must have been terrible for a watchmaker.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© April 2001


The Football Field

You once ran across the field
It seems not far from here,
You held the ball above your head
And how they all did cheer!

Players in new uniforms
The band would always play,
Nervous tension filled the air
And the game was on it’s way.

Oh how I miss those golden days
The fans all came to town,
The team would give it all they had
The crowd would yell, “Touchdown!”

Homecoming was the best of all
You took me to the dance.
There you held me in your arms,
Beginning our romance

Yes, you once ran across the field
How I wish I still could see...
The day you won the football game
And you won it just for me!

Pamela R. Blaine
August 15, 2001

The Journey

Never alone in this world below
For God will hold your hand,
Fulfilling the purpose given you
Upon this earthly land.

It seems your journey may lead you far
This is the Enemy's home,
But God has given you friendship true,
Never to travel alone.

So when all seems lost around you
And sadness clouds your face,
Remember you're His shining light
In a dark and desolate place

And one day when this life is o'er
Our earth suits left behind
We'll wonder in awe whose garment is best
Your heavenly suit or mine?

By Pamela R. Blaine
February 22, 2002

The Light of His Presence

In the Light of His Presence
Darkness must flee
In the Light of His Presence
His Glory I see

Embraced in His Spirit
Forever I cleave
To arms that will hold me
Never to leave

In the Light of His Presence
The world grows so dim
For Light is His Shadow
Cast only by Him

Basking in Son Light
drenched in His love
All that surrounds me
Is Light from above

The enemy bestows me
With trouble and strife
Yet, I am protected
By the giver of life

The Light of His Presence
Compels me to trust
For to gaze at His face
All else turns to dust.

In the Light of His Presence
All turmoil must cease
And I hold in my hand
Nothing but peace…

Pamela R. Blaine
© May 2003


The Locked Door

I look into your eyes, Just hoping for a glimpse of your heart,
your soul, of who you really are inside.
I long to catch a glimmer of depth beneath the surface of the mask,
But you will not let me in.
Oh, to know you and to gain entrance
To the place where you are!
I search for a hint of how to reach you,
For hope to carry on the search.
The wall is strong, hardened with time
Until it looms ominously over all,
Reinforced with bars of bitterness
And the mortar of despair.
You hide behind the door of entrance
that is locked from within.
I search for the key but it has been stolen by the enemy
Whose prints now mar the door.
I ache to know you, to love you and send Comfort,
yet when I gently rap upon the door
the wall increases and you grow yet colder.
If you would allow…,
If I could but touch the edge of your spirit with mine,
The lock would melt, the walls crumble,
And we would become one.

Pamela R. Blaine
© July 7, 2001

The Locket

Wisp of silky curls
Inside the gilded box
Encased like strands of time
Sweet love enclosed in locks

Clasped within a locket
Striving to contain
All of love's devotion
And separation's pain

A keepsake to remember,
For tresses whisper love
The fragrance of you lingers
Like perfume from above

And just for fleeting moment
My heart draws near to you
I clutch the silver locket
For 'tis all I have of you!

Pamela R. Blaine
(c) October 22, 2001

The Magic Place

There’s a magic place where I want to go
For someone is there who loves me so!

It doesn’t matter if I’m happy or sad
Or even if I’ve been good or bad

I know I’m always welcome there
Whether on his lap or in his chair

It’s a magic place both day and night
Where everything is exactly right

There’s nothing at all to fear or dread
For there are no monsters beneath his bed
He keeps special things just for me
Look in the fridge and you will see!

A pudding cup or an ice cream treat
 Or something else that’s yummy and sweet

But I must say there is no test
For it’s his hugs I love the best

No matter if I come or go
His love is always there, I know.

There’s a magic place where I’ll be found
In Paw Paw’s arms all safe and sound

Pamela Blaine
Copyright, September 2002


The Measuring of Love

How can love be measured
Who can tell who loves the more?
Where is the rod or measuring stick
to fathom the one I adore?

I wish to tell you of my love
In words so simple and plain
Of love that waxes day by day
and simply  will not wane

How can hearts be full of love
And bear to hold yet more?
Could it be God's steady flow
from heart to heart doth pour?

If I could but borrow God's measuring stick
He used to fashion the world,
I still could not capture the heart of God
Whose love within us unfurled.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, May 14, 2001


The Moment

I lay in the light
That flashes
from your eyes to mine...
a piercing fire
of something divine

I long to dwell there
for all time
to embrace the moment
of rapture sublime

But moments like this
are fleeting to be
for flesh cannot hold
such ecstasy

by Pamela R. Blaine
© January 2001

The Nightmare
“Roses for April”

I caught my breath as I heard her voice
crying out as a child,
lost in the night,
Afraid of the dark,
hoping to find respite
from the nightmare…the nightmare

She spoke of images and sounds
that terrify the soul.
Better to lie awake, she thinks,
than to sleep
And return to the anguish,
Of the secret hell
That torments the mind unbidden…
“O save me!”, she cries…
From the nightmare…the nightmare

Thoughts of darkness fill her mind as
Elixirs of silence she consumes
to quiet the sounds
That swiftly return and there is no reprieve
From the nightmare…The nightmare…

I look into her eyes
and see the pain she can no longer veil.
And then she spoke…
I listen to her voice
and hear amid the words
the silent cries coming forth from her soul,
From the nightmare….the nightmare

She told of the child
she once carried within
The tiny life that was torn from her body
with the unalterable choice she had made.
How does one right the wrong?
Oh, to lie down and sleep in peace
to rest once more…
From the nightmare…the nightmare

Where can she go from this anguish?
Where is shelter from the storm?
She has sought refuge before
Only to be given empty words
That cannot silence the screaming in her soul,
From the nightmare…the nightmare

At last, she picks up
the Book of Truth before her
and she says,
 “Tell me.”
The Words of Life flow
from God’s Holy Book into her spirit
As understanding enlightens her face.
Then at long last she embraces
love, forgiveness, and healing
From the nightmare….the nightmare

I saw her last,
walking among the stones
As she carried rose petals
To be strewn upon
the special place
to remember her child.
She knelt, tracing with her finger
the name carved there,
For in the Spring she should have come.
Tears fell as she mouthed the words,
“I’m sorry, I love you…
Jesus  holds you until we meet,
God alone has set me free…
From the nightmare…the nightmare.”

Pamela R. Blaine
© February 2001


The Paper Clip Pick

Now, Cowboy was a playin’ his guitar
One Sunday afternoon
He couldn't find his favorite pick
For to play a cowboy tune

So he looked around the place
All over plus up and down
That's when he found a paper clip
Then he sure went to town!

Ah strummin' all over that guitar
from the body on up that neck
he was just really gettin' into it
When he stopped and said, "Oh Heck!"

He leaped right up from his sittin' place
I thought he got bit by a snake
Jumpin' around and carryin' on
And a runnin' for the lake

He was headin' for that waterin' hole
holdin' just that Markley wire
That's when I saw he'd played so hard
He caught that thing on fire!

From that day on, he never did play
Without his trusty pick
Since the day he burned his guitar up
with that durned paper clip!

Pamela Blaine,
Copyright, August, 2002


“The Place Where You Are”

When I feel all alone
And love seems very far,
I close my eyes and hasten to
The place where you are.

I fly above the mountains
Upon a gentle breeze,
I dance from cloud to cloud
And ride upon the seas.

Until I reach the river’s edge
Along the sandy bar
And run across the golden bridge
To the place where you are.

Pamela R. Blaine
© May 2001

The Song

The Song was born in the heart of God
And breathed into my soul,
From Spirit to spirit the melody travels
To awaken not part,  but whole

Music swells within my heart
Filling me with His breath,
More than life, I have to know
The Song that conquers death.

Pamela R. Blaine
© December, 2001


The Sunset!

The evening sky seems to shout, "Glory!"
and I stand transfixed as I gaze in wonder at the beauty I behold.
So wondrous is the sight before me
that I dread even a blink to obscure a moment's view.
As the splendor of the sunset bursts forth into flaming shades of orange, pink, and purple... intermingling… they wed.
I stand amazed as the day makes love to the night;
Slowly they blend together, synchronizing hues,
... then quietly they slip away
to sleep 'neath the starry mantle of heaven.

Pamela R. Blaine
November 5, 2003

“The Vine”

Branches entangled, we intermingle
Clinging to the Vine
Healthy and strong, growing together
As we feed upon the Vine.

The flow of love surges
Life courses within us
As you and I combine
We become one, forever united
As we feed upon the Vine.

There is no distance
As we hold together,
I am yours and you are mine.
We drink love’s sweet nectar,
Nourishing life everlasting
As we feed upon the Vine.

Pamela R. Blaine
©  May, 2001


The Visitation

I merely walked across the room
I had no scheme or plan
When suddenly I felt you there
Did you stroke my hand?

Did you slip into my room
Brush fingers through my hair,
Or was it just a puff of wind
That touched me in the air?

Did I feel a ray of light
Ascend the window’s place
Did I sense the warmth of you
Flowing down my face?

I’d forgotten how it felt
To have you near to me
It seemed I was a child again
Cherished, loved, and free

Beloved without condition
And cared for come what may
Life seemed so very simple then
So different from today

What happened to the pathway
The one I used to know
Where God walked hand in hand with me
 A long, long time ago…

It seems I’ve missed a lot of things
As trials choked my way
Yet my Savior came and touched me
And loved me anyway

Pamela R. Blaine,

The  Wall

I walked the path alone,
Drawn there one spring day
Searching for an answer
Looking for a way

I sought to know your heart
But a wall has barred my sight
Where have you gone from me
That your eyes have lost their light

Then I touched the wall and felt you there
And I shall ne’er forget
For I sensed your presence in my heart
Though we had never met

Not just the name my hand did trace
For others still I see
Most of them not quite the same
Nor evermore will be

Across this verdant land of ours
I see their wounded eyes
Scarred by evil they have seen
‘Til something inside dies

Heroes here upon the wall
So much the heart it maims
I felt the letters graven there
I cried for all the names

Then a shadow stood beside me
You were there so strong and tall
I asked if you had been there
You said, “Yes Ma’am, weren’t we all?”

Pamela R. Blaine
© December, 2002

The Way You Look At Me

I love the way you look at me,
that nothing can disguise
when you turn around and look at me
and hold me with your eyes.

Pamela R. Blaine
© February  2001


There's A Place Where I Go

There's a place where I go
In the land of pretend
Where the sun always shines
And you are my friend.

A place where the wind sings
the Creator's romance
And the flowers smile upward
toward the angels that dance.

Fluffy white clouds
carry raindrops of love
that fall on our shoulders
From the Father above.

Beauty she dwells
o'er this land so fair
and age is not present
for time is not there

There's a place where I go,
is it really pretend?
Where the sun always shines
and you are my friend.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, September 22, 2000


"Upon That Other Shore"

I walked among the headstones
of those so long ago
I felt the lonely spirits
that someone used to know

Sons and daughters came here
For here their loved ones lie
But now they are forgotten
For time has long passed by.

I pondered very deeply
And tears began to pour
Will they be remembered
On this forgotten shore?

Who thinks of these who lived here?
They were just like you and me
But now it seems there's no one
To place a flower or come to see

Then my eyes turned upward
And it became so very clear
that God loves every one of us
To Him we're all so dear

When memory leaves forever
And we're done with troubled sod,
It's then we're all together
Safe, In the arms of God.

God has conquered death,
the grave it is no more
We will live forever
Upon that other shore.

© November 2000
Pamela Blaine and Judy Deel


Walk with me

Take off your shoes and walk with me
Barefoot in the sand,
Along the seashore we will go
Together hand in hand.

 Breezes play with tresses gold,
Love dances in your eyes,
Never was a day like this
Beneath the clear blue skies!

The beauty of your presence
Intoxicates like wine,
Yet nothing more has touched my lips
Except when yours kissed mine.

Pamela R. Blaine
© October, 2001


Warriors of Heaven

Standing in majesty, they shine!
These mighty ones, the warriors of Heaven.

Created in the light of His presence,
eternally they behold His face.

They are mighty and awesome in power,
Vested upon them by the Hand of Almighty God!

Flesh is not their home
for glory crowns their being.

Essence of Spirit and colors of purity too bright for mortal eyes
cover their visage with splendor and majesty.

They move swiftly at the sound of trumpet call.

Answering to the voice of the Most High God,
they wing their way to earth,
To break down strongholds built by the enemy.

Commanded to guard thee from danger
these messengers from God
bring healing in their wings and minister to His children.

At the sound of whispered prayer they come,
And softly, silently these warriors of Heaven
enter your room.

Pamela R. Blaine
July 23, 2001

When Santa Met Jesus

You wiggle and giggle
As I  tuck you in bed,
But hush now and listen
To my story instead

And I'll tell you a tale
Of a time long ago
When Santa met Jesus
His Savior to know

On a night just like this
God sent down His love
And angels were watching
From the heavens above

And there in a manger
'neath a star shining bright
God gave us His Son
On a cold winter's night

And now you know why
Santa loves girls and boys
And shows up on Christmas
With a sack full of toys

For Santa was watching,
He knew Christ was real
So he came to the manger
Before Him to kneel

Pamela R. Blaine
© December, 2001



When I feel your sadness
There is no joy for me.
I cannot leave you to suffer alone
When from trouble I am free.

Perhaps I am inside of you
Feeling your ache within
Could it be that I as well
Reside beneath your skin?

When I feel your happiness
Mine will be there too.
For my joy will only be complete
When there is joy for you.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© January 2001


"Where Does Love Go?"

Where does love go,
Can it die?
Is there a grave
For passion to lie?

Is there a control
That turns “off” or “on”
With a flip of a switch
Can love be gone?

Did love grow ill
and affection cease?
Whose hand did carve,
"Love...Rest in peace?"

Who dug the grave
So cold and deep
To bury the promise
Pledged to keep

I searched the yard
To find the stone
That marks the place
Where love has gone

Is love so brief
A moment to feel?
Or God-given devotion,
eternal and real.

I yearn for it more
Than silver or gold
To enter that realm,
Forever to hold

Where can it be
This love of mine?
Is there a trace,
Or even a sign?

Then at last
It came to me
Love does not die
Though wounded may be

Love’s name is Forever,
Abundant and Free
Stronger than death,
Heaven’s great key.

Love endless remains
Though hidden away,
Steadfast in heart
Forever to stay.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, April, 2001

Will You Say "I Love You?

Will you say, "I love you”, When you cannot count the ways?
Will you love me in the autumn as in the summer days?
Will you say, "I love you," When everything goes wrong?
Will you take up love's sweet melody, when my heart can sing no song?
Will you say "I love you”, when there is no magic there?
When my eyes turn away from you, will you look at me and care?
Will you say "I love you”, when I cannot touch your heart?
When there is no feeling, and it seems we are apart?
Will you say "I love you", in the good times and the bad?
When I wander aimlessly, will you find me and be glad?
Will you say "I love you”, when I have no gift to give
Will you offer me your gift and help me want to live?
Will you say "I love you”, when I am old and gray?
If I cannot remember you, will you love me anyway?
Promise you will love me in all these different ways
For this is how I love you…Forever, and always.

Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, 2002


You Came Unbidden

You came to me unbidden.
For one day I looked into my heart
and there you were…
As one emerging from a dream,
yet perfectly real.
A  precious treasure of love and laughter
Awakening the lifeless ruins within me
 compelling hope once again to stir.

By Pamela R. Blaine
© January 2001

You Gave Me a Gift

You gave me a gift
I loved so much
A wonderful gift
I could not touch

Something so special
It made me feel
That I was important,
That I was real!

And just for awhile
you were all mine
When you gave me a gift
And the gift was ...time.

Pamela R. Blaine
(c) November, 2000

You Have A Special Place

You have a special place in my world
And in the world of so many others.
When you come into a room,
Light flows in with you
and the atmosphere changes
because of your presence.

There is no one else who
smiles your smile
and causes me to laugh
at nothing at all.

Your words like a balm
applies healing to my heart,
You look at me with your soul
and share secrets with your eyes.

Your nature so gentle,
inherited from your Father above
Whose unfailing love
shines through you
dispelling the darkness
that others might see Him in you.

You have a special place
Forever in my heart
and for all eternity...
in the heart of God.

Pamela R. Blaine
© February 2001

“Your Presence”

Diamonds have no sparkle,
No glitter in the gold.
For all I ever want from life
Is just your love to hold.

To be with you, day by day,
Your presence by my side,
To you and only you
My heart I do confide.

Nothing in this world below
Holds anything for me,
Save your presence in my life
Through all eternity.

Pamela R. Blaine
©  May, 2001

Your Smile

Who was it stole your smile away
and filled your eyes with tears?
I want to hear you laugh again,
And take away your fears.

Who was it stole your smile away?
I cannot comprehend
let me come and hold you close
Until your heart will mend.

Who was it stole your smile away,
The smile I so adore?
I will not rest until I see
Your smiling face once more!

Pamela R. Blaine
copyright, May 2001