(Robert Calderon riding one of his
favorite horses,Golondrina)

(Manuel Calderon, Robert's brother, beside memorial stone)

Although Robert Calderon was a friend that I never met in person,
his name was in my prayers and the prayers of many others.
I felt a kinship with him and his family although New Mexico
is quite a distance from Missouri.

I first knew of Robert through my friend, Don Scarbrough, who
requested prayer for him because Robert had cancer.
Don thought a great deal of Robert and was known as Robert’s
adopted Grandfather.  We put Robert on prayer chains and
Don kept me informed as to how he was doing.

  I sent Robert a Bible and some other things and Don took him a
copy of our CD,  “I’ll Walk You Home” that I had sent for him.

I called a few times and talked to Robert, Minnie, and Manuel.
I learned more about him and his family and found that
Robert had a great love for horses.
I didn't get to talk to the rest of Robert's family
but they are a very close family who care a great deal for each other.

 One night Minnie told me
that Robert had made his peace with the Lord Jesus,
and we rejoiced to know that no matter what happened
Robert would always be safe in the arms of Jesus.

Robert’s condition worsened and he was taken to the hospital.
While he was there, in his delirium he kept asking for the little girl.
Nobody in Robert's house had a little girl so they didn’t understand until
later that he was wanting to hear the song "I'll Walk You Home"
that was on the CD about the little girls and Jesus.

On February 7, 2004, Robert went home to be with the Lord.
I wasn't able to attend his funeral but in a way I was there
because someone sang the song I wrote, “I’ll Walk You Home”.
The last verse goes:

"When my life is over
And my work on earth is done
Then I'll trade that garland for a crown
For the victory is won
I'll take the hand of Jesus
Crossing to the other side
There will be no more pretending
As Jesus says, "Children, you are my bride"

And I'll walk you home
So you don't have to walk alone
Now this time will never end
You know I'll always be your friend
And I'll walk you home today
And I'll walk you all the way
Kindred spirits from the start
We're joined at the heart
Yes, I'll walk you home.

To the Calderon Family:

I know you will miss Robert very much.
I pray for all of you that you will find peace in God and we will
one day all meet in heaven where there is no more sorrow or parting.
May God bless each of you:
Maria, Robert's mother;
Minnie, Robert's sister;
John, Ramon, Jimmy, Raul, Manuel, Joe, and Martin; Robert's brothers
Tony, Alonzo, and Eli, Robert's adopted brothers
 and all of the family and friends of Robert Calderon.

Thank you, Don, for introducing me to Robert and his family.
It is a blessing to know all of you.
The song now playing,"My Farewell Party", was a favorite song of Robert's.

By Pamela R. Blaine
To my friend,
Robert Calderon
(December 16, 1960 – February 7, 2004)