Benjamin Foster Morris
Born: March 10, 2000

Concerning Benjamin he said;
"He is beloved of God and lives in safety beside him.
God surrounds him with his loving care
and preserves him from every harm."
Deut. 33:12

About five months before little Benjamin was born, some tests came back two different times, showing possible problems such as Down's Syndrome.  My daughter, Julie, told me that  God had given her this child and so she was just going to pray and  trust Him.  She would love this child no matter what the outcome because He was a special gift from God.   I am very proud of my daughter and her family.  If Ben had been in the womb of some women today, he would have not survived.   Everyone, including many of you, prayed for Benjamin in the womb.  We thank you so much for your prayers.  As you can see, from the pictures, he is a perfectly healthy baby and there were no birth defects.
 I praise God for Benjamin and for life!


"How To Change Ben's Diaper"

WARNING:   After reading this article, you will not know any more than you did before you read this article, except perhaps, to be forewarned.

These instructions came about when I last took care of my grandson, Ben.  These days they have all kinds of new products for infants but with all of the latest swings, bouncing seats, and special bathing equipment for babies, they have yet to come up with something to help the stressed out parent deal with squirming toddlers.  Those of you who have children, grandchildren, or have ever taken care of babies, will be able to identify and  appreciate the arduous task of …diaper changing.


                                 1.  Get a new diaper, baby wipes, and lotion
                                 2.  Catch Ben
                                 3.  Lay Ben on his back on the floor
                                 4.  Catch Ben again
                                 5.  Put pacifier in his mouth so he will lay still
                                 6.  Remove old diaper
                                 7.  Catch Ben again
                                 8.  Ah oh!  Boys!  Go change my wet blouse
                                 9.  Catch Ben & begin once more
                               10.  Give Ben a toy to hold so he will lay still
                               11.  Catch Ben
                               12. Make crazy faces so Ben will lay still
                               13. Let Ben hold lotion so he will be still
                               14. Bad idea…..lotion came open….
                               15. Try to catch Ben, now slippery with lotion all over him
                               16. Clean up lotion and start again
                               17.  Make funny noises to keep Ben's attention
                               18.  Catch Ben .....diaper only attached to one side
                               19.  Pretend to cry to get his attention.
                                       (Who's pretending?)
                               20.  Catch laughing Ben.
                               21. Attach other side of diaper.

  Tah Dah!!!  Whew!  Mission accomplished!!

Wait....Oh no!   Not Again!!

©December, 2000


Pam with Grandson, Ben

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