“The Dove”



The last six weeks had been a trying time in my life.
I had spent the time at the hospital with my Mom
800 miles away in Missouri.  The sitting, the waiting,
the sometimes up all night, had taken their toll
and I had come home to West Virginia, to rest and be
with my husband and children for a few days
before going back.  It's difficult to be away
when you feel so strongly that you should
be somewhere else but Mom
had been moved to a hospital closer to my brother
and he would be in and out during
the day to check on her.

I had just gotten home from the grocery store,
restocking shelves for the family since
as I was trying to prepare to leave again.
After putting things away, I decided to take a break,
sit out on the deck in the late afternoon shade,
and have a bowl of ice cream.
I was sitting there relaxing, with my feet propped
up on the deck railing, deep in thought, when I heard
a noise behind me.  I began to realize
that I had been hearing this noise over and over
for several minutes but in my reverie, I had not
been paying attention.  I turned around in my
chair to look and I watched in amazement as a
dove flew from one side of the yard to the other.
As she flew, she sang her dove song,
urgently making the sound as she traveled
several feet across the whole yard from one
tree to the other.  It was almost as if she were
calling out to me and saying,
“Look at me, I’m beautiful and I can fly!”
I watched her fly once more and then just as
mysteriously as she came, she was gone.

I was contemplating where that dove had come from,
since I had not seen any doves around my house
before,  when I heard my husband calling
me to the phone.
I  came in the house and picked up the phone.
It was my brother.  “Mom’s gone”, he said quietly.
In my heart I think I already knew.  You see,
Mom loved the Lord with all of her heart.
This wouldn’t be the first time that God had
sent a message on the wings of a dove
and this time it was to reassure a daughter.
He was letting me know that Mom was not
really gone but she was now with Him.
I believe He was saying to me,
  “Yes, she’s beautiful and she can fly!”

By Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright, August 24, 2000

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