"Hold That Thought"

Today I thought about you.  I wondered where you were and what you were doing
but most of all I wondered if you were okay.  I wondered if you were at work
deeply engaged in a project, or maybe you were washing your car, taking out the
trash or singing in the shower.  I saw you sometimes deep in thought or maybe
laughing at a joke someone was telling you.

I like to visualize you and that's why I often ask questions about your life so
that I can picture you in my mind.

There are days that I feel sad and lonely and I wonder if you feel that way too.
Not an unhappy sadness but a wistful longing to see your face, to hold your
hand, or just  somehow  to touch you.

Sometimes I see an object, hear a song, or  catch a whiff of fragrance that reminds
me just of you and my thoughts turn to how very special you are to me.

Today I asked God to let every thought that I have of you become a prayer for
you.  After all, God knows where you are and what you are doing.  He knows all
about you.  He loves you more than I am capable of loving and as full as my
heart can be with love for you, it amazes me that He not only loves you more but
He loves you perfectly and completely.  Sometimes I ask specific things for you
when I know of your need, but sometimes I just ask God to open the windows of
heaven and pour out His blessings on you.

So today, when I thought of you, I asked God to "hold that thought"   I hope
that you felt a certain peace, joy, or hug from God as He held you today.

I love you,


By Pamela R. Blaine
Copyright  May 2001