This is a  love song that I wrote to Jesus:
( music file is mp3)

You're My Music, You're My Song

(1)There's a song that you can't hear
A song of love and it's so very near
It's in my heart, my very soul
It changed my life and made me whole
You came into my life.. your love to show
The past is gone.. you taught me how to let it go.

Chorus: You're my music, You're my song!
I'll sing to You my whole life long!
Oh hear the singing of my heart, this everlasting song
This well of love so strong, to You I do belong
You’re my music, You're my song

(2)I feel the tears run down my face
To know the power of your saving grace
I gave my life, this emptiness
And you brought me out of my desert wilderness
Then You filled my heart….. with so much more
You gave new life…...and then You made my spirit soar!

(3)I love this song you've given me
A song of joy that came from you to me
For all my whole life long
I'll sing Your praise, I'll sing Your song

Copyright September,1998
by Pamela R. Blaine

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