My three-year-old granddaughter, Tegan, went with her parents
to a family gathering at the home of her other grandparents.
Everyone was having a wonderful time visiting and
catching up on all the latest family news.

Like most children, Tegan was having a good time playing
with all the toys that were different from her own, that were
kept for children  to play with at her grandparent's house.
In particular, Tegan had found a little tea set and had begun pretending
that she was having a tea party.  She set up all the place settings
and arranged her table with the great care and elegance that
only a three-year-old can create.  Meanwhile, her Daddy was engrossed
in conversation, and as he continued to visit with his family, Tegan would
hand him a cup of "tea".  Her Daddy, who always tries to participate
in her games, would pause for a few seconds from his conversation,
and say all the proper words and gestures for her tea party
which would thrill Tegan.  He even threw in an English accent
and would request two lumps of sugar.  He would tell her
how wonderful her tea tasted, and then he would continue on
with his adult conversation with his family.

After going through this routine several times, her Daddy suddenly
was jolted into reality as he had a flash of concern cross his mind…..
"She is only three years old, where is she getting this "tea" that
I've been dutifully drinking?"  He quietly followed her, without her knowing,
and his fears were growing stronger as he saw her turn
and go through the bathroom door.  Sure enough, there she was
stretching up on her tippy toes reaching up to get her "tea" water……..
out of the container of water that grandpa used to soak his false teeth!

By Pamela Blaine
             copyright, April 11, 2000