(Tegan & Julie)

"Signs of The Times"
Julie Blaine Morris
c April 2000

I remember playing with my baby dolls as I was growing up.
I often changed their little dresses, brushed their hair,
or fed them  with a toy bottle.  Much to my mother's dismay,
I might have used a marker or crayon to "make up" their
perfect plastic faces.
This is nothing compared to my own child's creativity.

My five year old daughter came to me with her favorite baby doll
in both hands.  Its plastic head was perched atop a soft, stuffed
body.  "Mommy look!"  my little girl giggled. I glanced at the
disrobed doll and noticed a shiny metal object carefully embedded
in the doll's middle.  I recognized it as an old, silver earring.
"What's that?"  I asked.  She exclaimed, "I pierced his belly button!"

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