ďThe Man I wish To BeĒ




Lord donít let my children know, that Iím the fool that you and I,


Have known I am for oh so long, and proved in days gone bye,


Donít let them find the flaws that lie with-in my very soul,


To torment me with emptiness in my year of growing old.




If only you would hide this fact, from entering their minds,


I promise Iíll revere their love, be honest to them, fair and kind,


Iíll try to never once become, the cause of teardrops in their eyes,


Before I become a hurt to them, oh Lord please let my time in life pass by.


But if they should become aware, of the fact Iím just a man,




With all the failings and faults in me ,others find so hard to understand,


Then please at least be generous, in the way they think of me,


May they see me not the man I am,


            But the man I wish to be.



By Don Scarbrough

Copyright December 5, 2001