I Hold Your Soul With Mine


I hold your soul with mine
Yet the clock runs selfishly onward
Thinking of nothing else but incessant ticking
Stay it please, that I might hold you longer!

I know the day is nearly spent.
I cannot hold it though I try,
It takes flight as days before,
Resting in the graveyard of time

My heart is sore with pain and dread
Why did I not come to know you sooner?
The moments with you now, so few,
Will soon vanish in the winds of time

But my hope is not in this world,
In the delight and pleasure thereof,
For one day we will laugh
At our joy of living in shadows and fog

For it is as looking through clouded windows,
Seeing only the sparkle and clamor outside,
Leaving off the things that matter within
I came to know it well…though late.

Yet, I have this precious moment of now
Filled with vibrant life before unknown
And love is all the more sweet,
As I hold your soul with mine.

Pamela R. Blaine
© November, 2002