The Magic Place


Thereís a magic place where I want to go

For someone is there who loves me so!


It doesnít matter if Iím happy or sad

Or even if Iíve been good or bad


I know Iím always welcome there

Whether on his lap or in his chair


Itís a magic place both day and night

Where everything is exactly right


Thereís nothing at all to fear or dread

For there are no monsters beneath his bed


He keeps special things just for me

Look in the fridge and you will see!


A pudding cup or an ice cream treat

 Or something else thatís yummy and sweet


But I must say there is no test

For itís his hugs I love the best


No matter if I come or go

His love is always there, I know.


Thereís a magic place where Iíll be found

In Paw Pawís arms all safe and sound



September 2002

Pamela Blaine