Stay The Time


(1) Hiding way up high in the tree house


Playing spies with Barbie Lynn


Gone so long my Momma calls


Saying, "Child where have you been?"


Childhood play under leaves of green


Oh, the happy times we weave


Please let me stay up here and play


In the land of make believe




Stay the time, Lord, Stay the time


Make the hours slow on down


Hold this moment, make it mine


Stay the time, Lord, Stay the time


Let the rest of the world just go on by


And let me hold on to this time




(2) Underneath the starry sky


Blanket on the ground


Basking in the moonlight


With the sweetest love I've found


Make this moment last, Lord


Don't let it slip away


To a time I can't hold on to


In a place called yesterday




(3) Rocking in my rocking chair


By the flickering firelight


Singing soft a lullaby


In the middle of the night


Holding part of you and me


I whisper donít grow up too fast


Let me hug you gently to my heart


Lord, make this moment last




(4) Now I hear them telling me


That something's very wrong


I just heard those fateful words


"You won't be here very long"


There's so much I long to do


And words I need to say


Oh Lord, please hear my humble prayer


And let me hold on to today



Pamela Blaine

©November 10, 2003